Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's been too long...

I have really been so busy, that I haven't had a chance to write. I'm sure I'm not the most entertaining writer out there, but it is very relaxing and therapeutic for here we go, this is what's on my mind.

Both of my kiddos are in school now. Josh is a big, Jr. High-Schooler now...which means Mom & Dad are idiots, because (of course) we've never been 12 before! We are working through some behavioral issues. We are holding out great hopes that he has learned a great lesson recently. Last Friday, John and I were getting ready to pack all of the Jr. High football players into the bus to leave for an 'away' game when we got a phone call. Josh had been disruptive in class, along with a few other boys and had been sent to the office. His consequence was that he wasn't going to be allowed to play in the game, but he had to sit on the bench and watch the his team. Whoa...I must admit, I was NOT happy about this. My heart immediately wanted to jump to his defense and say "no way, that is too harsh". He loves football! But then, my brain kicked in and said "he has to learn a lesson, it is not acceptable to behave that way". So, I was okay with this decision -eventually- after my battle with myself. Until I ran into Josh in the hallway, after school had dismissed. Oh Lord, I was not prepared for meeting him in the hall, crying. He was so distraught. He was broken-hearted. And ultimately, very disappointed in himself. After I hugged him, we talked for a few minutes and he loaded up on the bus with his team. We had an hour-long drive ahead. He pretty much sulked the entire time. By the time we got to the school, he perked up. He ended up supporting his teammates and encouraging them during the whole game! I was so proud of him. Hopefully, this is the one and only game he'll have to miss due to his behavior! Here's a pic of our 3, after the game...

We finally had some boys move into our house...thank God. We haven't worked with boys for quite some time and I didn't realize until now how much I missed boys! This age group ranges from 8th grade to 10th grade. One of our greatest concerns was the residential kids and our personal kids getting along and living well together. I think this group will be fine...they are good with Cami and Josh seems to like them too. We will have our 'moments', but I am very optimistic about it anyways.

So, we have had our days to ourselves lately, since the kids are in school now. We aren't the greatest at communication. At all. Thank God that we have this weird knack for reading one another's minds! It's funny, we seem to (almost always) just happen to be on the same page. God sure does make us for eachother, doesn't He? No one has ever known me the way my husband does...he just 'gets' me. In no way do I claim to have a perfect marriaged, and after one failed attempt at marriage, I'll never feel 100% at peace with 'forever'. But, God is the only One who heals and there is a peace that only God can give.

I don't have any real topic tonight...just my rambling ways. Today is a very tender and emotional day for me...not anything I can/will share in an open, online forum like's too personal. But, please pray for me. I am praying for peace and forgiveness...forgiveness for myself. I know God has forgiven me, but a mortal, human mind never forgets things.

On to's going to be a good day!