Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The end of the school year...

Here we are, at the last few weeks of school already! The kids are out of school in 2 weeks and we leave for our cruise in 3 weeks...we are all SO ready to get out of town.

John's parents have been in town for the past week. We have had a great time visiting with them. I have to be one of the luckiest girls...I have the greatest In-Laws around! We took them to the drive-through zoo, to our favorite restaurants, and just spent lots of time together.

Cami is participating in our schools' very first big musical, "Seussical, Jr.". Tonight, she had her final dress rehearsal! She will perform tomorrow night, Friday and Saturday nights. She is a "fish"....very adorable. It's really cute when she watches all of the other scenes. She knows every song in the musical. She is only in one song, yet, she knows all of them! Our musical little girl...

Josh is currently doing fantastic in school!! Yay Josh!! He has worked his tail off to get his grades up and he's doing really well. He is getting so big, so mature, just such a wonderful young man. He is still my little man though. He never fails to give me a big hug & kiss every day. He never gets embarassed to recognize me around his friends, he is just one great kid. I hope he will know one day just how much I adore him and how incredibly proud I am of him. He has had many struggles, especially this year...but he is a fighter and he has proven that he wants to do well and make us proud! We will be opening a savings account for him soon, his very first bank account. He has a check (from selling his lamb in Ag) that he is depositing into his account and over the next few years, he is planning to keep saving his money to be able to buy a car after he gets his license! Just one more reason he makes us so proud...I sure love that boy :)

We went to Fossil Rim yesterday. Lace, Julian, John, myself, Cami, Josh, Mom Minder and Dad Minder all went! We piled up in Julian's Jeep and we drove through this zoo. At first there were no animals out. We thought we had paid to just drive though a beautiful scene...but before too long, animals trickled out slowly. The zebras were super aggressive. They were nibbling on the sides of the Jeep, grabbing the seatbelts, nibbling on US! We had a great time with the giraffes. They are amazing creatures. We really had a wonderful time together.

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