Monday, March 21, 2011


Apparently, I'm not such a great blogger! I slack.

What's going on with us right now? Let's see...Josh has stirred things up for us lately. He was really acting up at school. There have been a couple of new kids introduced to the mix of the 7th grade boys's amazing how a couple kids can just change the dynamics of a class. Josh is a class clown. He always *has* to have the last word. I guess, to sum it all up...Josh is experiencing a serious sickness...TEEN-ITIS! I get glimpses of my sweet, caring, thoughtful, tender-hearted boy every now and then. Other times, he is a hormone-raging, girl-crazy, mouthy TEENAGER. I hear, (from other parent who have successfully survived the teen years) that this part of the teen phase tends to drag on until about the end of 9th grade! ~WOW~ Hopefully this isn't entirely true.

Thankfully, he has pulled his head out of his rear and returned to his *normal* self recently. After having everything he knows and loves taken away (material posessions, that is) he is coming around. Now, hopefully, we'll begin to see that human side of my sweet boy again.

This, my friends, is a work-in-progress...but I love my boy, and I have to tell you that I still sneak in his room either at night after he's gone to sleep or in the morning before he wakes up and I watch him sleep! No matter how old he gets, he'll always be my little boy...I love him so much :)

On to the Princess of the family...Cami! She is doing great in school. She is a dainty little girl, she is rather sassy and for the most part (I guess it runs in the family) she is *always* right. Math is definatly her favorite part of school. She is always 1's, by 2's, by 5's and by 10's...all the way to 100, many times every day! Reading/Spelling/Grammar, however, not a favorite.

We have determined that she is not hearing properly. She's always had ear problems, chronic ear infections from birth until age 3 and having 3 sets of tubes by age 2 1/2. So, we figured we'd continue to deal with *ear issues* for some time. Right again! We took her to her ENT and one tube is still in place but beginning to *clog up* and the other is dislodged and not working at all. This ear has lots of fluid built up in the inner ear, which means she's probably hearing as if that ear were under water. Gee, I wonder why she's having trouble with Reading/Spelling?

Tomorrow will be an eventful day. First thing in the morning, we go to the dentist. Cami has a tiny cavity and is having it filled. Then, we are going to Cook's for her Pre-Op appointment. She is having her tubes removed and replaced on Friday. Tomorrow, they will give her a tour and explain everything to her. This is pretty neat, since every other time she's had this surgery she's been too young to understand it. She's been a little nervous, but not too bad...hopefully it will all go without any problems (or too much clingy-ness to Mommy, since Daddy doesn't do the scared-child-in-hospital-thing!)

I'll try to get pics and post them tomorrow and Friday. But, these are the most recent pics I have. (Taken by a friend and co-worker, Christy Dodson...check out Dodson Photograpy on Facebook)

I guess that's all I have for now. On to finish watching "House" with the husband...

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