Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teeth & Ears...

We started the day off rushing to leave the house on time! We made it to the dentist right on time. Cami talked (nervously) *all* the way there. She talked about how much she loves the dentist, that she can't wait to get this filling filled and see if she will be able to get a little baggie with a new toothbrush and dental floss in it. Because, we all know...bribing children WORKS.

She hopped right up in my lap as soon as we finished checking in! She finally admitted that she was nervous. She was called back and Dr.P *tickled* her teeth a little bit, took some *pictures* of her teeth and we were finished. Dr.P says that her big girl teeth are just behind her baby teeth and that she should begin to lose those baby teeth soon! This led to lots of conversation in the car later.

We talked all the way to the next appointment about thumb-sucking. I told Cami that she really needs to start trying not to suck her thumb anymore. She is very attached to her thumb, especially when she's sick or sleepy. So, she said that since her big girl teeth will be coming in soon that she wants to try to stop sucking her thumb so that it won't mess up her big girl teeth! I was super excited to hear this. Because just the other day, I was talking to her about it and she simply told me "Mom, I'm just not ready yet". And that was that...conversation over! Maybe we'll be moving forward soon...

On to the hospital for Pre-Op. Cami's tubes will be redone (for the 4th time) on Friday. The last time she had them done, she was only 2 1/2 so she really doesn't remember that experience. This time, she was able to actually talk to the doctor, anethesiologist and nurses. The nurse explained that they will give her some *giggle juice* to drink, that will make her feel silly. Then she will get to take a ride on the rolling bed, wearing a special hospital princess gown. After that, she was asked to choose a scent for the *sleepy mask*. Cami chose cotton candy! And the best part...when she wakes up, Mommy gets to be right there and she gets POPSICLES. She was very excited about that part!

Cami was a trooper when they took her Oxygen level, Blood Pressure and heart check. The nurse checked her height and weight too. She weighed 17.2 kilos, which is 37.9 pounds (why they log it in kilos when we use pounds is beyond me) and she is 41 inches tall! We were finished.

Oh, wait, one of the most important parts...how could I forget. The nice nurse told Cami that she could bring 2 things into surgery with her on Friday! So, we went to the Disney Store and got 2 very special *friends* to accompany her on this important day!

Once we got home, had dinner and were just hanging out, Cami began playing *office*. She sat up this little makeshift office and started out asking us all sorts of questions.
"Mommy, what kind of medical problems do your children have?"
"Daddy, Do you have any *medical allergies*?"

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